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CJA policy and procedure manual

as amended through February 15, 2019



Panel Representatives


I. General Instructions for CJA Forms 20 and 30 and CJA Forms 21 and 31


A. Rules for Processing Voucher Payments -- B. Voucher Review -- C. Approval for Payment -- D. Social Security and Employer Identification Numbers -- E. Voucher Reduction Procedures -- F. Hourly Rates and Case Compensation Maximums for CJA Attorneys -- G. Case Compensation Maximums for Service Providers -- H. Presumptive Rates


II. Services Which Are Compensable -- Support Required


A. Associates -- B. Research -- C. Document Review -- D. Waiting Time -- E. Travel Expenses


III. Case-Budgeting


A. Capital Cases -- B. CJA Forms to be Used -- C. Direct Appeal from a Death Eligible Case -- Compensation Rate


IV. The Voucher Payment Process for cases not Subject to Case-Budgeting


A. Interim Payment Requests -- B. Procedure Upon Approval of Interim Payments


V. Reimbursable Expenses


A. General Rule -- B. Supporting Documentation -- C. Telephone -- D. Facsimile -- E. Photocopying -- F. Postage -- G. Transcripts -- H. Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR)


VI. Non-Reimbursable Expenses


A. General Rules -- B. Time Spent in Voucher Preparation -- C. Investigative, Expert or Other Service Providers -- D. Printing of Briefs -- E. Filing Fees -- F. Personal Items and Services for Client -- G. Books, Journals, Publications and Supplies for the Law Office -- H. Costs Related to Educational Seminars -- I. Messenger/Courier Services


VII. Instructions for CJA Form 21 and 31 and the Use of Investigative, Expert and Other Services Providers


A. All Requests -- B. Prior Authorization -- C. Statutory Maximums -- D. Procedure for Obtaining Approval and Compensation -- E. Circuit-Wide Presumptive Rates and Other Information -- F. Information and Considerations Regarding Investigators, Experts and Other Service Providers


VIII. Panel Travel


A. General Rules -- B. Procedure for Obtaining Government Discount Travel Rates




A. CJA Rates for Attorney Time in Non-Capital Cases and Periods of Applicability
B. CJA Rates for Attorney Time in Capital Cases and Periods of Applicability
C. Case Maximum Chart
D. Mileage Allowance
E. Presumptive Hourly Rates
F. Interpreters Rate Chart
G. Signs of a Mega-case


Print Entire Manual [PDF]


Last modified at 03/04/2020