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The Second Circuit Court of Appeals sits in New York City at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in lower Manhattan. Three appellate court judges sit on each case panel, except for en banc appeals on which the full court sits. The appellate court hears appeals from the district courts within the circuit.


The United States District Courts for the Second Circuit exercise federal jurisdiction in six districts within the states of Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. These are the trial courts for the circuit. Each district has multiple seats of court:



To learn more about the federal courts, please visit the United States Courts website.




Congress established the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in 1891 with three judgeships, and has periodically increased the number of judgeships over the years. The Court now has thirteen judgeships. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been home to many notable jurists, some of whom have served as Chief Judge of the court. There are numerous books written about the Second Circuit and its judges which can provide further information.



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