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Second Circuit Judges


Name Commission Date Status
Debra Ann Livingston, Chief Judge 05/17/2007 Active
Jon O. Newman 06/21/1979 Senior
Amalya L. Kearse 06/21/1979 Senior
John M. Walker, Jr. 11/27/1989 Senior
Dennis Jacobs 10/02/1992 Senior
Pierre N. Leval 10/20/1993 Senior
Guido Calabresi 07/21/1994 Senior
José A. Cabranes 08/10/1994 Active
Chester J. Straub 06/03/1998 Senior
Rosemary S. Pooler 06/03/1998 Senior
Robert D. Sack 06/16/1998 Senior
Barrington D. Parker 10/16/2001 Senior
Reena Raggi 10/04/2002 Senior
Richard C. Wesley 06/12/2003 Senior
Gerard E. Lynch 09/18/2009 Senior
Denny Chin 04/23/2010 Senior
Raymond J. Lohier, Jr. 12/20/2010 Active
Susan L. Carney 05/17/2011 Senior
Richard J. Sullivan 10/17/2018 Active
Joseph F. Bianco 05/13/2019 Active
Michael H. Park 05/13/2019 Active
William J. Nardini 11/14/2019 Active
Steven J. Menashi 11/14/2019 Active
Eunice C. Lee 08/16/2021 Active
Beth Robinson 11/05/2021 Active
Myrna Pérez 11/12/2021 Active
Alison J. Nathan 03/30/2022 Active
Sarah A. L. Merriam 09/28/2022 Active


Judges are appointed to the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 44. The Federal Judicial Center maintains a list of the eighty-one judges who have served on the Second Circuit since 1891 with brief biographical information for each.


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