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Creating and upgrading PACER accounts for NextGen Cm/ECF

On October 20, 2014, the Second Circuit went live with NextGen CM/ECF, the latest iteration of the national case-management and electronic-filing system.


NextGen CM/ECF allows public filers to use a single user name and password to access both PACER information and file in CM/ECF. Appellate filers must upgrade existing PACER accounts and use the upgraded accounts to log in to NextGen CM/ECF.


Each filer in a court that has adopted NextGen CM/ECF must have an individual, upgraded PACER account. A firmwide or shared account may still be used to perform case research in PACER, but cannot be used to file in NextGen CM/ECF. A filer who has been using a shared PACER account to file in the Second Circuit must create a new, upgraded PACER account. CM/ECF filer accounts in other courts will continue to provide e-filing access to those courts.


Note: An attorney who created a PACER account on or after August 11, 2014 already has an upgraded PACER account which is compatible with NextGen CM/ECF.


A filer in the Second Circuit who has an existing, individual PACER account and a CM/ECF e-filing account in the Second Circuit may take these two steps to use the single login feature in NextGen CM/ECF:


Upgrade a PACER account


Link an existing CM/ECF account to an upgraded PACER account


A filer who does not have an existing individual PACER account may follow these instructions to create an upgraded individual PACER account. If the filer does not have CM/ECF e-filer privileges in the Second Circuit, the filer can register by following these instructions.


Note: A filer should expect to spend ten to fifteen minutes upgrading or creating a new account on the PACER Service Center website.



Last modified at 9/29/2014