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Office of the Circuit Executive

Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse
40 Foley Square
New York, New York 10007
Tel: (212) 857-8700
Fax: (212) 857-8680


Karen Greve Milton, Circuit Executive
Janice D. Kish, Assistant Circuit Executive for Administration
Scott Teman, Assistant Circuit Executive for Space & Facilities
Jerry Tritz, CJA Case-Budgeting Attorney



The primary function of the Circuit Executive's Office is to perform the administrative operations of the Circuit. As the Secretary to the Circuit Judicial Council, the Circuit Executive serves as the executive officer of the Council, providing such administrative services as implementing policies, developing programs, organizing and staffing council committees, and performing other duties mandated by Congress or the U.S. Judicial Conference. The Circuit Executive is also responsible for planning and organizing circuit judicial conferences.


Additionally, the Circuit Executive serves as the administrative and management assistant to the Chief Judge of the Circuit. In this role, the Circuit Executive acts as the principal administrative officer of the circuit, performing a wide range of non judicial duties, including space and facilities management. In addition, the Circuit Executive serves as the Chief Judge's representative and the circuit's liaison to many committees.



Last modified at 10/29/2013