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Docket No. Case Name   Media File
14-2611 Brown v. City of New York   Video: Arrest of Imani Brown

Video 2: Second Angle of the Arrest

Video 3: Additional Post-Arrest Footage
13-422 The New York Times Company v. United States   Oversight Committee hearing, March 6, 2013 (wmv)
12-1207 Kelly-Brown, et al. v. Winfrey, et al.   Kelly-Brown images
11-1197 Patrick Cariou v. Richard Prince   Appendix
11-1311 Schnabel et al v. Trilegiant Corporation et al   Beckett "Order Confirmation" Page

Priceline "Enrollment Offer" Page

Beckett "Enrollment Offer" Page
11-3298 Scholz Design, Inc. v. Sard Custom Homes, LLC   Springvalley Aoriginal | allegedly infringing use

Wethersfield Boriginal | allegedly infringing use

Breckinridge Aoriginal | allegedly infringing use
10-4201 Kalfus v. New York Presbyterian Hospital   Security Video (wmv)