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CM/ECF explained

CM/ECF is the acronym for Case Management/Electronic Case Files, an automated case management and docketing system designed specifically for the federal courts. The case management (CM) portion is used by the courts. The electronic case files (ECF) portion allows courts to manage documents electronically; provide 24-hour desktop access to case files by judges, court staff, and the public; and accept filings over the internet.


Electronic case files are documents stored in electronic format instead of on paper. Documents can be created electronically by parties and court staff, or paper copies of the documents can be scanned. All documents are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF).


The ECF portion of the system is user-friendly. It offers the following benefits:


  • 24-hour access to case files from any location
  • Remote document filing
  • Concurrent access to files
  • Immediate e-mail notification of case activity to parties and court staff
  • Easy public access
  • Secure storage of documents



Last modified at 10/13/2009