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Documents under seal


On rare occasions a document will be placed "under seal" so that it is not publicly available. A paper that has been sealed in the district court will remain under seal in the Court of Appeals if received as part of the record. A document that was not sealed in the district court will not be sealed in the Court of Appeals without a Court order. A party wishing to file a paper under seal with the Court of Appeals must make a written motion. An informal request to seal a document will not be entertained. All papers submitted to the Court pursuant to a sealing order must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked SEALED, with a copy of the order placing the document under seal attached to the envelope. A party must not file a sealed document electronically in CM/ECF, but within 7 days the filing a sealed document, the part must file a redacted version of the document electronically on the docket unless the Court orders otherwise. See LR 25.1(j)(2).



Last modified at 1/31/2014