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CM/ECF is the electronic filing system for the federal courts. Parties with ECF accounts may file documents with the courts for which they are registered. 


PACER is the tool for accessing docket sheets and documents filed with the federal courts. Persons registered with PACER may find and download dockets and documents in all participating federal courts.


CM/ECF and PACER have separate logins and passwords. 


To file electronically with the Second Circuit a user needs both ECF Filer and PACER accounts. Click here to create an ECF Filer account. If a user already has an appellate ECF Filer account, but is not registered to file with the Second Circuit, the user can click here to update the account to add the Second Circuit. 


The PACER Service Center, a department within the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, administers ECF Filer registration in addition to PACER registration and billing.


A user can use her firm's PACER account to file with the Second Circuit. The only reason to create a new individual account is to keep the user's PACER billing separate from the firm's.


For more information on creating and updating CM/ECF and PACER accounts click here or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page at the PACER Service Center.



Last modified at 10/13/2009