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Pagination a Brief

To paginate sections of a brief, use the thumbnail function in Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional.


1. Open the PDF brief, then click the thumbnail icon in the far left margin of the PDF.


Thumbnail icon



2. Click on the thumbnail of the opening page of the prefatory section of the brief to start page numbering using Roman numerals. In the example below, the PDF has numbered this opening page by default as page 2.


Thumbnail of first page



3. Open the pull-down menu next to the options icon and select Number Pages...


Select Number Pages



4. In the dialog box that opens, click on the circle next to From: and enter the range of pages that make up the section to be renumbered using Roman numerals. Click the button next to Begin new section, then select the appropriate page-numbering style. For this example the filer would select lower-case Roman numerals from the Style menu. Click OK.


Page numbering dialog box



5. Now click on the thumbnail for the first page of the next section requiring renumbering. For this example the substantive pages of the brief must begin with page number 1 and continue sequentially with Arabic numbers.


Thumbnail of first page in next section



5a. Again open the pull-down menu next to the gears icon and select Number pages... This time enter the page range 2 to the end, and select Arabic numbering as the style.


Page numbering dialog box



6. Now click on the thumbnail for the cover page of the brief to remove numbering. For this example the brief cover has no page number.


6a. To remove any page number on the cover page, start by clicking on the thumbnail for the cover page.


Thumbnail of cover page



6b. Open the pull-down menu next to the gears options icon, and select Number pages.... In the dialog box that opens, enter the number 1 in the From: and To: boxes. Under Numbering > Begin new section, open the Style pull-down menu and select None. Be sure that the number 1 appears in the Start: box. Click OK.


Page numbering dialog box



6c. Now the thumbnail shows no page number for the cover.


Page number removed from cover



7. Once renumbering is complete, try searching for page numbers again in the page search field.


7a. In the example below the PDF now recognizes the table of authorities to begin on page iv of the brief.


Table of authorities page



7b. The argument section now begins on page 1.


Argument section




Last modified at 5/23/2016