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How to appeal a civil case



Notice   Briefing schedule
Introduction   Brief and appendix
Notice of appeal   Bond and surety
Bankruptcy appeals   Motions
Permission to appeal   Motion for a stay
Docket fee   Privacy notice
Caption   Proof of service
Acknowledgement and notice of
  Failure to file
Admission to practice before the
    Second Circuit
  Documents under seal
Representation of a corporation   Oral argument
Expedited appeals calendar   Petition for rehearing or motion for reconsideration
Civil appeal pre-argument statement   Costs
Civil appeals management plan (CAMP)   Issuance of mandate
The transcript (FRAP 10(b))   Petition for a writ of certiorari to the United
    States Supreme Court
Payment for the transcript (FRAP 10(b)(4))   United States Tax Court appeal
Receipt of the transcript and notification
  Appeals clerks in the District Courts
Exhibits   Second Circuit Clerk's Office
The record    



Revised April 1, 2014