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Selecting the filing party

After selecting a case and filing category and type (and clicking Continue), a user must identify the party or parties the user represents in the appeal. A pro se filer must identify himself or herself at this stage of the process. Parties are identified in the Party Filer area, which shows a list of all the parties in a case. A pro se filer's name will appear in this area.


Party Filer screen



To select a filer, click the checkbox to the left of the Filer column. When a filer is selected, a checkmark appears in the checkbox, and the row is highlighted. In the example below, the filer Holder, Eric H., Jr. is selected.


Party Filer selected



Filing Joint Documents


When filing a joint document on behalf of multiple parties, select on this screen all the appropriate parties who wish to join in filing the document. Use the Select All and Clear All buttons to select or clear all the entries in the list in the Party Filer area.


The next step in the filing process is to attach the PDF(s) to the filing.



Last modified at 12/5/2012