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Creating A PDF From Word Or WordPerfect

Creating a PDF from a Microsoft Word document


These instructions apply to converting a Microsoft Word document to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Professional or Acrobat Standard. If another vendor's software is used to create a PDF, please consult that vendor's instructions.


1. Open the Word document. Click on Adobe PDF > Convert to Adobe PDF.


Convert to Adobe PDF



1a. Alternatively, open the Word document. Open the menu option View > Toolbars to open the Acrobat toolbar.


View Toolbars



1b. The toolbar for converting a document to PDF now appears along with the other open toolbars. Click on the Adobe icon on the left.


Click on Adobe icon



2. A dialog box will open to select a location for saving the PDF.


Location for saving PDF



3. Choose the location, and the conversion process begins automatically.


Conversion process



4. When the conversion process is complete, the document appears in Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard.


Conversion complete



5. Alternatively, a user may set Adobe as a printer. Instead of using the menu bar or toolbar option, select File > Print and select Adobe PDF as the printer (assuming that it is available on the print menu). Steps 2 through 4 above are identical.


Print dialog box



6. The PDF document created through either process above automatically becomes text-searchable.


Creating a PDF from a WordPerfect document


1. Open the WordPerfect document. Open File > Print (or just hit Ctrl+P).


WordPerfect File Print



2. Select Adobe PDF from the list of destination printers. Click the Print button at the bottom of the dialog box.


Select printer



3. Select a destination for saving the PDF on the desktop, hard drive, or network drive. Rename the document if necessary. Click the Save button in the dialog box.


Save dialog box



4. The PDF document is saved in the designated location, and it opens automatically. The document is text-searchable with no additional actions.


Saved PDF document



Last modified at 8/30/2010